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Qigong for Breast Wellness (Morning Session 1)

QMT, a unique energy treatment, is based on centuries-old traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Special hand techniques are used to help unblock the energy in your meridians ~ an energy network which runs throughout your body. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi ~ pronounced “chi” ~ is the vital energy, the unseen life force that courses through the body helping it to perform its functions ~ enabling internal organs to do their work, allowing blood and body fluids to circulate.

Balancing your Qi~ A way of making you feel your best when you are properly balanced, Qi enables you to think, feel, and move easily without discomfort. The flow of Qi through the meridians can become blocked or unbalanced in many different ways, which can cause health problems. Causes of Qi blockage or imbalance can come from excessive stress, injury, exposure to germs, or extreme changes in weather or environment. TCM operates on the premise that when the blockage or imbalance is corrected, full health will return.

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