One Source | One Light
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One Source. One Light.

A Healing center for the Community. A sacred space that provides sanctuary and retreat from the density of the purely physical dimension of everyday life.

The mission of One Source | One Light is to continually fill this sacred space with the truest and the brightest seekers and teachers of the truth.

The OSOL healing center offer techniques and practices to facilitate our awakening and transformation towards the ultimate awareness that we are equal to the Source.










practices & methods


Nutri-Energetic System (NES)

There is a Revolution in Health Care going on—Nutri-Energetic System uses a revolutionary new approach to both evaluating and promoting holistic wellness and vitality. A quick, non-invasive, effective and safe way of naturally activating the body’s inherent healing and detoxification abilities. Using the emerging science of bio-physics, NES goes beyond the boundaries of conventional health approaches.

NES specializes in understanding the Information and Energy that run our bodies. Our revolutionary products are designed to read and correct the Information and Energy Systems of the Body. This will forever change the way we think about our body and our own state of health and wellness.


Qigong Meridian Therapy

QMT, a unique energy treatment, is based on centuries-old traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Special hand techniques are used to help unblock the energy in your meridians ~ an energy network which runs throughout your body. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi ~ pronounced “chi” ~ is the vital energy, the unseen life force that courses through the body helping it to perform its functions ~ enabling internal organs to do their work, allowing blood and body fluids to circulate.

Balancing your Qi~ A way of making you feel your best when you are properly balanced, Qi enables you to think, feel, and move easily without discomfort. The flow of Qi through the meridians can become blocked or unbalanced in many different ways, which can cause health problems. Causes of Qi blockage or imbalance can come from excessive stress, injury, exposure to germs, or extreme changes in weather or environment. TCM operates on the premise that when the blockage or imbalance is corrected, full health will return.


Dragon’s Way

DRAGON’S WAY is a weight loss and wellness program, focusing on 10 powerful yet simple Wuming Qigong movements, Eating for Healing and herb supplements to support Liver (controls the flow of Qi, blood and emotions) and Kidney (the body’s powerhouse of energy) function.

This is a life changing program—a six week Journey to stress reduction and weight loss. Meeting once a week, we learn a whole new perspective in restoring, rebalancing, and increasing QI.

Energy is the foundation of all Healing. Qigong opens the door to Healing. An ancient energy practice, Qigong relieves Qi blockages and helps the body’s organ system regain their balance and work in harmony. Strong and balanced Qi will allow your energy system to regulate itself.

Re-awaken your body’s inborn self-healing ability and receive the education and guidance of both the Ancient and Living Masters.

This session will occur in a class-based setting. The class will be small and intimate.


Breast Wellness

Come and learn to be pro-active with your health.

Based on the ancient, time tested practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine, this unique unisex empowering program uses healing tools necessary to help create breast health. Before physical problems appear, they first occur at the energy level, which is precisely where Qigong works.

I will teach 7 Wuming Qigong exercises that target 3 major meridians that run through the breast/chest area.

When we allow the energy to flow freely through these meridians, we can prevent stagnation in the upper body.

For your body to function as a whole, you need a strong energy system.

Come and learn this ancient self-healing practice of Qigong and strengthen your Qi and support your immune system by attending three, one hour classes.


Emotional Cord Cutting

From the time we are infants, we have energetic cords of attachments with everyone we know. This powerful shamanic modality cuts these cords and individuals are able to detach totally from past energetic connections and reconnect fully, without interference, with loved ones. It is like clearing the dead leaves out of a spring garden so the new flowers can grow.

Those who have experienced a cord cutting express the feeling of “being freed" and can move on with their lives with a new vitality and energy.  

The energetic cords stay connected and may not serve our highest good or the highest good of others. Depending on the kind of attachment we have, these cords can be binding, depending on their intensity. Some are thick and quite profound and others can be delicate and thin. They can come out from different parts of the body and must be severed to disconnect them. With the emotional cord cutting, you immediately release all energetic attachments and can choose to reconnect or start over.