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Double Helix Water

Double Helix Water is a unique naturally-occurring substance, now available in a concentrated form, which has been shown to promote general health and to improve the body’s functions on a cellular and sub-cellular level. Taking as little as ten drops per day has been shown to improve immune function, cellular metabolism, cell-to-cell communication pathways, and general energy levels of the body. These factors each play a roll in Physical health.

Evidence suggests that Double Helix Water may provide the body’s cells with a cellular “tune up,” cleaning the waste matter and permitting the functions to run more cleanly and efficiently. When some metabolic pathways have not been running at optimal levels, or have even broken down, Double Helix Water can help to restore them to their optimum levels, supporting improved immune function, improved fracture healing, increased energy, and an improved overall feeling of balance and wellness.

To Use:

Mix 3 drops into an 8 oz. glass of distilled water or 50 drops into a gallon of distilled water. Shake the container for at least 30 seconds or stir the glass vigorously for 30 seconds. Drink two or more servings per day.


Double Helix Water Full Spectrum Skin/Face Cream

We have just introduced a skin cream called “Full Spectrum Skin Cream.” It is a 100% natural and organic skin cream which is powered by Double Helix Water ultra-pure stable water clusters. It is for use on sore muscles and joints resulting from inflammation, and a variety of conditions resulting from strenuous exercise.