From transformed, awakened, and grateful clients that Andrea has healed and empowered over the past 20 years.


Linda, new york city

I am eternally grateful for the healing center that Andrea has established in the City. My life, like the lives of so many, is full of obligations and stresses. OSOL is a place where I can take a break from all of that. Through the workshops and time spent at the Center, I have come to learn how to integrate my spirituality throughout my entire life. OSOL gives me a place of peace in this crazy city.

Andrea is a special person and healer. Her gifts go far beyond the obvious, and she is so much more than meets the eye. She inspires me and encourages me to grow in ways that I couldn’t even perceive before I met her. Andrea reminds me of who I TRULY am and encourages me to connect to a depth of myself that I have forgotten. I aspire not to follow in her footsteps, but rather to learn from her and move graciously through this story I am writing for myself.

Andrea and the OSOL community are like family to me and I am honored to be a part of it. I enjoy learning and exploring while being surrounded by those I love.” 

Pauline, Boston

“I have been receiving QMT treatments once a month since 1997. I remember when Andrea was enrolled in the TCM med school program from China with her Sifu. Over the years I have watched her growth from her diligent study of her martial art sacred exercises to expanding her knowledge of how Spirit dovetails with her “human” knowledge of how the body works.

I have witnessed her divorce, her unfaltering loving energy with her son, giant career moves, stepping courageously to open a community center by herself – and the whole time maintaining her central axis connection to Spirit. I have watched her grow and expand her teachings with Shamans, Mystery Schools, healers like Drunvalo and Brian de Flores, are the outstanding ones I remember her mentioning that impacted her greatly. Even though her path has been a bumpy one, she has always remained centered.

Now, I wish to thank her. I am 55 years old. Besides my apparent overt confidence, my body, my meridians, my emotions are all in a pretty comfortable energetic balance. My creativity is soaring as my 3rd book is about to be published. But – what is more important- somehow through all my conversations, classes and QMT treatments with Andrea, I have established a non-faltering connection with God. For this gift I am most grateful to her.”


Barbra, New York.

“The part that Andrea plays in my life is that of the ‘Awakener.’ Her laser vision penetrates beyond cellular memory into the cosmos. Her hands have an electric energy that penetrates and enlivens those parts of the body that are sleeping or even comatose.

“I never know who I will be when I rise up from her massage table and walk out into the world. But I do know that I will be awake to the messages that the world is giving to me. My frozen tears will flow freely and buried thoughts and ideas will translate into the joy of just being alive.

“I find myself with the willingness to create and architect my most glorious vision of myself.

“With profound thanks to you, Andrea.”


 Alecia E., New York City

“Andrea is a rare and talented healer. She has a way of reflecting light like no one I have ever known. I have worked with her for more than five years. I feel refreshed and renewed with each session. Andrea helped me to gain back my sense of self and remind me of magic that has been lying dormant inside of me. Her gentle, loving, nurturing way is a gift in my life that I will always treasure. Throughout my years as her client and her friend, she continually inspires me to new heights within myself that I never thought I could reach.”



Diana B., Pennsylvania.

“When I first came to you I was skeptical but willing...and quite desperate for relief from post-neurosurgery symptoms. In February of 1999 I was diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma, a benign but insidious tumor of the inner ear. After ten hours of neurosurgery and the removal of the tumor, I permanently lost my balance and hearing on the right side from damage and resecting done during the procedure.

Several weeks later I was still having a very hard time compensating – experiencing disorientation and vertigo. There was also significant swelling at the incision site behind my right ear – a fact my surgeon refused to acknowledge but a condition you immediately discovered with no prompting from me.

It’s hard to pinpoint all the specific improvements due to your interventions – but two things I am absolutely certain were results of your treatment. Six months after surgery I had a follow-up MRI and my neurosurgeon was stunned to see what he called ‘twelve months of healing in six months time.’ Recently, 18 months out from surgery my follow-up MRI shocked my local specialist, who had to call the radiologist to confirm that he was, in fact, looking at my pictures and not someone else’s. Eighteen months out of surgery there was absolutely no physical trace of there ever having been any procedure whatsoever – the physical healing was complete! These two measurable results I am certain were due to your wonderful treatments (as well as those of Dr. Lu, of course). The disorientation and vertigo are also much improved and I have resumed a more normal schedule.”


Debra B., Massachusetts

“I originally met Andrea in my search for a good massage to easy my unhealthy, stress-filled life. Sometimes I become so beside myself with a myriad of aches and complaints that I’m almost embarrassed. Her gentle, loving nature has somehow shown me, directed me, and opened my awareness. I actually ‘see’ and experience my life with a new sense of observation and am much more connected to nature. Her actual treatments are relaxing and renewing–considerably much more than a typical massage. She seems to ‘move out’ my body aches and pains. I sleep better, am much more conscious of what I eat and am happier in general. Thank you for helping me leave my old patterns behind. My husband and three children thank you, too.”


Darlene, NEW Jersey

Because I am overwhelmed with love and gratitude when it comes to this Angel Lady, I feel I need to put my appreciation on paper.

If you have never had a QMT treatment or don’t even know what it is, Andrea will be better at it when it come to a thorough explanation. I can only tell you my experience and that you will be in powerful loving hands.

It wasn’t that long ago that I was probably in a similar place as some of you are now. I just want you to know that if I can do it, so Can’t You.

Over ten years ago I met Andrea at Model Service Agency. I didn’t know her then but when she came through that door she lit up the whole room. She could tell a lot by just looking at me. Being in front of a camera most of my adult life, I had got used to putting on a happy face for the public. However, I was not fooling her. She could see the depression, fear and lack of self worth right through me. I was a rape victim but only a few knew this. I never would talk about it at the agency. I remember she put her arms around me and I felt this energy come out of her. At the time, I didn’t even know what it was. I asked her to stop before she unraveled me right there in front of the other girls. She took me by the hand and said,’’ Follow me because I am going to show you my real work.’’ Who knew what I was in for but I was in no shape to argue. She took me to her Healing Center and gave me my first QMC. I remembered closing my eyes as she put her loving words and hands to work. At one time I opened my eyes just a little bit to see if she was putting her hands in an oven because they were so warm and something was coming out of them. That was my first experience of universal power. Of course it was always there but WHO KNEW. Not me. That was just the first of my treatments. She would not leave me until I could stand up on my own.

Other than her QMT work, she had to teach me to feel my inner guidance. At the time, I had no sense of inner guidance and how to trust and act on this guidance once I felt it. If I had know years ago when my gut told me not to go near this man then I never would of put myself in the position to get attacked.

Thank you again, Andrea, for teaching me that we do have obstacles in our lives but we can handle them without fear if we have the right tools. The tools that I learned along the way didn’t work for me. Andrea had to teach me to pick up new tools. This time some of the tools came out of her cosmic tool box. We may not always know how to use them but trust me Andrea does.

If you want change in your life, and I know you do or you wouldn’t be reading this, then take action and ask for guidance to become stronger. If left up to ourselves we could hamper the process of manifesting what is already taking place. In other words, as Andrea always told me, “GET OUT OF YOUR WAY DARLENE. Spiritual growth is a natural process powered by parts of the world you can’t see.’’

-Thank you for all your love. Darlene