Cord Cut with a Sit Down QMT

Cord Cut with a Sit Down QMT

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Why is it important to let go?

From the time we are infants, we have energetic cords of attachments with everyone we know. This powerful shamanic modality cuts these cords and individuals are able to detach totally from past energetic connections and reconnect fully, without interference, with loved ones. It is like clearing the dead leaves out of a spring garden so the new flowers can grow.

Those who have experienced a cord cutting express the feeling of “being freed" and can move on with their lives with a new vitality and energy.  

The energetic cords stay connected and may not serve our highest good or the highest good of others. Depending on the kind of attachment we have, these cords can be binding, depending on their intensity. Some are thick and quite profound and others can be delicate and thin. They can come out from different parts of the body and must be severed to disconnect them. With the emotional cord cutting, you immediately release all energetic attachments and can choose to reconnect or start anew.

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