Four Energy Gates

Four Energy Gates


August 21 11:00 a.m. & 6:30 p.m.

Everything and everyone is energy; thus energy is the foundation of all healing. The question is: How do we move energy to improve our health to achieve balance?

During this special class, I will teach you the 4 Energy Gates of the body that fight diseases, builds energy, balances our minds, reduces stress and generally improves the immune system.

Starting from the top of the body and working downward, each gate works in conjunction with the other to move energy (Qi) and re-balance the body. When done properly, clients report remarkable shifts in their health and well-being.

It’s good for everyone - and it’s simple! The gift is ours. My Sifu said we just need the access code. Here it is. Let’s help the body, mind, emotions and spirit achieve optimum health.

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